Daniel De Zeeuw

+ my technical plan:

  • to learn about using Open Sound Control (OSC) in Processing / OSC based software (Csound)

strategy: read about and experiment with different OSC software and libraries in processing

  • MIDI: create (in processing) a program that let's you build improvisation MIDI scores specified for Ableton Live (that actually work themselves @ Ableton???!):

strategy: how to create really programs (that can remember and fix objects, but also let them be dragged on a grid…)

strategy: I have a nice webcam and some different color ledlights with which I can work. learn how to make processing differentiate pixel brightness and color pixels

  • combination use of the three ideas mentioned above:create interesting Translations between color/sound/video etc.
  • Make a *wicked* MIDI controller (with Arduino or STEIM/junxionboard)

strategy: buy one and learn about montaging knobs/buttons etc. (I have some befriended know-it-alls)

  • For the gAME: use processing to make a program that functions as a 'central rule-system unit' that determines the possible behavior of players in a given context (like the central restrictions of any game)
  • […] some more things to come…
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