Insight Tech Presentations

Assignment: Give an insight technology presentation

The assignment is to give a 10 minute technical presentation about a technical subject of your own choice. The topic should be something you do not already master, but something you're interested in to find out. (Take a topic from your Technical Plans).
To give this presentation you should do some thorough investigative research.
(e.g. say, if you're interested in a Wii-mote, buy a new Wii-mote and take apart the whole thing, photograph the components inside and compare them with online data about the innards of a wii-mote, run special software on your mac or pc to inspect the radio signals coming out of the wii-mote, find a PC to run Johnny Lee's demo's … etc).
Then give a presentation in which you explain the technology to your classmates and give some insightful analysis.
(e.g. with the wii-mote: explain why games using audio from the wii-mote always take some time between the action that will trigger the sound, and the sound coming from the wii-mote itself, with as part of this explanation a calculation of how much data is needed to play an audio clip of 10 seconds and bluetooth data speeds).


The topic can be related to processing or one of it's subdomains and libraries to use this (e.g. sound analysis in processing), or software technologies (e.g. how to program Blender in python), or hardware-software technologies (like the wii-mote example of above).



wednesday 4 November

  1. Daphne Koopman, multi-touch camera tracking

wednesday 11 November

  1. Marjolein Charlotte Hessels, retro-computing
  2. Olfa Ben Ali, Arduino-Arduino boards-What is an Arduino, how does it work, how do I program it and how can I integrate it in my work and projects?)

wednesday 18 November

  1. Annette Vlug, wireless doorbell
  2. Simone van Groenestijn, how to create your own Wordpress theme

wednesday 25 November

  1. Daniel de Zeeuw, "pd" {puredata}

wednesday 2 December

  1. Marieke Greeve, electricity

wednesday 9 December

  1. Marlon van der Pas, Max MSP JiTTER focused on video!!
  2. name, topic


  1. SASCHA, open frameworks - live (video) tracking
  2. Teresa van Twuijver, //Show & Tell (8'53") please go to []//
    • FYI: this is my Insight Tech Presentation. Is there a problem in this class with a. interactivity? b. political statements? and c. unorthodox solutions to assignments?
    • FYI, a. posting a video online is not giving a presentation, b. the assignment is to do deep technical research into a topic, not to make statements, c. since you failed to deliver any form of insightful information to the rest of the class (Stating that you like to be perfectionistic about delivering knowledge, and realizing that you won't, isn't insightful for any of us other than maybe yourself), I removed your name from the wednesday 2nd December entry and moved it here for you to have a chance to redeem yourself.
    • I do not need to redeem myself. I have done my presentation. Did you by any chance watch the video at all? Other comments I just sent over the e-mail - or do you want me to post them here too?
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