Simone van Groenestijn

A personal learning plan for 2009 and beyond

My 'processing' learning plan for September until December 2009

During the lessons 'processing' I would like to improve my programming skills. As a simple exercise I want to program one small game every week (or one game every two weeks, if it turns out that one per week is too much).

I want to use existing games and focus on how to break down a game into functions, routines and classes. When programming a game I want to try to seperate functionality from design. At this moment I want to focus on how to program the functionality of a game, not the look (colors, sizes, images, etc.) of a game.

If I manage to create a simple working example of a game, I want to try to write a tutorial which explains how I made that game, which explains the logic I used to program that game.

In each game (or each different version of a game) I want to focus on different programming elements, like different programming constructions or different functions.
I would like to write explainations how each of these elements work with the different games as examples.

To reach these goals I will be using the processing function reference, the processing tutorials and the processing examples which are included with the program. I will also use the openprocessing community to communicate with other users of processing to exchange knowledge and ideas. I will upload my games and tutorials to the openprocessing platform to test their usability with a wider audience.

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