Teresa Van Twuijver

New technical learning plan »> (d.d. October 7th 2009)

Since I am an absolut beginner in Processing, I need to concentrate om learning the basics of this program first. This turns out to be complicated and time consuming (blame it on my old brain cells and 'alpha-humanities' mindframe).
Consequently it is very difficult to work simultanously on the game-assignment, which asks for concentration and focus on an entire different plane.
In short, I simply can not do both at the same time (blame it on my personal studying style - appearantly in this class I have reached the boundaries of multi tasking).

Ergo I need to set priorities and my technical learning plan needs urgent revising. Please note that my new technical learning plan is on a sequential step-by-step basis. Also please note that I am forced to start at 0. Finally take into account that the technical learning plan is specifically focussed on this particular class.

0. I want to learn the basics of Processing and to be able to create a decent, interactive design of my own making after careful and conceptual consideration. This involves reading books, consulting webites, looking up tutorials, thinking in new ways and a lot of practice.
1. I want to understand what is possible with Processing and how code is and can be intergrated in both the artistic proces and a work of art. For this I need to research into how contemporary artists use code/Processing in their work. I also need to find out which artists use Processing and why. Also I want to find examples of works of art (or design) that could not have been made without Processing.
3. I also want to learn how Processing works together with other programs/media, so that I can develop some idea of how Processing can be integrated in my own work (and put into practice with video and sound).
4. When I have learned enough of Processing to actually work with it (i.e. feel comfortable in both coding and designing), I want to start thinking of a game design. I suspect that when my knowledge of Processing is more up to standards, I will also be able to think of a better game than the one I have thought of now. (For your information: it was in the newspaper yesterday that European wolves hardly put sheep on their menu; only 1% of all the examined wolve-droppings have sheep-particles in them. Moreover a professional game designer — Edit: a student of the Arts school in Linz. dirk — already created 'Wolves and Sheep' - I posted a link on this wiki. But besides that: I don't like the idea of my game anymore anyway since it was conceived in a stage when I knew zilch and nothing of game design. Basically it seems pointless now to pursue it further, let alone demo-ing and asking my friends for help, without having first completed step 0).

Old technical learning plan »> (d.d. September 20th 2009)

What I do not want to learn:
- How to understand what a 15-minute page lock means (and why do I have only 899 seconds of inactivity left?)
- How to fix a flat tire
- How to enjoy games
- How to become a pacifist
- How to wear goody two shoes
- How to bluff my way into becoming the equivalent of a MIT professor in four months

What I do want to learn:
- How to win by losing
- How to utterly succeed in complete failure
- How to overcome personal resistance
- How to understand the basic Principles of Processing
- Also how to understand the basic Principles of War
- How to use Google SketchUp and actually work with it
- How to build a physical model for a virtual work

On a more serious note:
- I want to learn how to choreograph multi-screen video performances with multiple output channels
- I want to learn how to incorporate sound accordingly (and I need to learn how to work with specific programs)
- I do want to learn how to work with Google SketchUp

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